Art For Ukraine

Top Floor, St. Stephen's Green Centre, Dublin 2

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Andriy Ozernyy • Tetyana Tsaryk • Ludmila Korol
Art For Ukraine
  • Price: €190.00 - €750.00
  • Start date: This Event Has Ended.
  • Event Venue: Green Gallery

I am Dermot O'Grady. Owner and gallerist of The Green Gallery. Top Floor. St. Stephens Green Ctr. Dublin 2 and I have just launched 'Art For Ukraine' to help the Ukraine people through this terrible time.

The Green Gallery is the long corridor art gallery on the top floor and is in existence for 27 years now.

At the gallery I exhibit paintings by Irish artists and a fair number of eastern European artists too and among them I have 3 artists from The Ukraine. Namely;

Tetyana Tsaryk

and Tetyana's husband Andriy Ozernyy

Ludmila Korol

All three artists are very high achievers and are very good investments as they have graduated from the best of art colleges in their native Ukraine. They are living in Ireland and exhibiting at my gallery for over 20 years.

I too am an artist also and taking part in 'Art For Ukraine' along with other artists at the gallery.

All of my gallery artists are very close to me and I will do anything to try and help them out. This present humanitarian emergency is hitting them pretty hard and they feel quite helpless.

We all want to help and the only thing we can do here is to use our talents and skills. The best way we feel we can do this is to sell paintings and send money from the sales of these paintings to the Ukraine people who so badly need it.  The above mentioned artists have relations in Ukraine, close families and friends and they know how to channel the money to them and have already arranged the purchase of clothing and food for those on the long and hazardous road west. We will also be giving to the Red Cross.

We have decided a % of sales between 50% and up to 75%. The reason for this is that producing art is our lively hood and art supplies and the gallery upkeep etc.. needs to be paid for. Also, regrettably we see this conflict and the Ukraine peoples needs to go on for quite some time.

It is very difficult to get the word across to the art buying public about the way we wish to do this as people straight away think that 100% should be given. But of course this is impossible as explained above.

I would very very much appreciate any assistance you can give our humble quest. By way of an announcement during an appropriate chat show etc..
I myself have been interviewed on radio and t.v. down the years and I would be available to have a chat if this works for you. Anything to help.. my number is 085-1988441.

Here's a link to our ART FOR UKRAINE page on the website;

Thank you for your time and understanding.

Green Gallery
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Green Gallery
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