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Bias Online • Virtual Exhibition

BIAS: BUILT THIS WAY is an interactive, thought-provoking exploration of preferences, prejudices and digital equity. 

This new season by Science Gallery Dublin interrogates how prejudice can move quickly from human to machine as algorithms and artificial intelligence systems are encoded by humans with very human values, preferences and predispositions.

This October, we’re reopening our doors with a new exhibition with commissions from cutting-edge Irish and international artists, and  online, we’re launching a unique digital exhibition showcasing digital artworks exploring data equity, privacy, surveillance culture, facial recognition, class and artificial intelligence.

Can understanding human bias help build more ethical AI? Or can understanding machine bias help build more equitable societies? What can a deeper look at bias in humans and machines teach us about ourselves? Find out for yourself at BIAS: BUILT THIS WAY. 

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€15.00 - €41.50

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Fri 2nd Dec - Sat 28th Jan

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Tue 6th Dec - Sun 29th Jan

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Thu 26th Jan

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