The Toddler Take Over 2022

The Blanchardstown Centre, Blanchardstown, Co. Dublin

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Playground Orchestra • Sensory Friendly Event • Dublin 15 Kids Event
The Toddler Take Over 2022
A Little Event for the Youngest Citizens of Dublin 15

Where musicians play, singers sing, dancers dance and storytellers weave tales ... Join us for our 7th Toddler Take Over Adventure in May!

Celebrate the limitless imagination of the very young child and the magic that happens when it is combined with the world of artists and the arts. With a combination of book-in and free drop-in events, and the very special addition of a Sensory Toddler Day, children are invited to explore REALLY important questions, like:

What is THAT strange sound?
Who owns BOOTS that BIG?
Where do THOSE Vines Go?

For this one day, Draíocht transforms into a big space for adventure through story, visual arts and music for the very young. Children are invited to bring their insatiable curiosity and their adults to explore, discover new art forms, create, play, dance, draw, sing and nurture creative potential, while having fun too.

Join us and let your child take the lead, as we open up our building just for them.

Booking through Box Office: 01-885 2622


Roam Free Time: 10AM – 2.30PM
Age: 12 months to 4 Years
Location: Roaming all over Draíocht / Draíocht’s Galleries, Lobby & Studio

Enjoy the open spaces for self-directed creative play and art-making … Can you guess the fairy-tale? Who lives in that castle? Follow the vines, find the Giant’s shoe, see the princess’s plait, scribble and play. Activities are designed for ages 12 months to 4 years but younger and older siblings are welcome in the roam-free areas too.

Your Roam Free Ticket covers FREE admission across a combination of open spaces for self-directed play and inventiveness. With your Roam Free Ticket you can come and go as you please! You can also draw, investigate and discover the world of imagination we have created for you! With this ticket your child will have lots of fun - but if you want something more, you can purchase tickets for the additional Book In workshops or attend a theatre show (see timetable).


An Interactive Drama workshop with Joanna Parkes
Workshop 1: 10AM - 10.40AM / capacity 12
Workshop 2: 11.30AM - 12.10PM / capacity 12
Workshop 3: 1.35PM - 2.15PM / capacity 12
Cost: €5 per child with a free accompanying adult
Age: 2 to 4 Years
Location: Draíocht Main Stage
Duration: 40 mins
Once there was a King with a beautiful garden. He loved his garden and he was happy. He had 1 red cloak and 1 gold cloak and 2 crowns and he thought that was enough. But one day he heard that red cloaks were out and blue cloaks were in, then silver cloaks were in, then cloaks with fishes on were in. How many cloaks does 1 King need? And what happens to his garden if he spends all his money on cloaks and crowns? Join in this interactive workshop as gardeners in the King's garden let's see if we can help him out. This story was first developed as part of Joanna's Early Years Residency at the Ark in 2019- 2020.


A storytelling session with Paddy O’Brien
Workshop 1: 10.10AM - 10.40AM / capacity 14 children tickets (accompanying adult free)
Workshop 2: 11.30AM - 12PM / capacity 14 children tickets (accompanying adult free)
Workshop 3: 1PM - 1.30PM / capacity 14 children tickets (accompanying adult free)
Cost: €5 per child, with a free accompanying adult
Age: 2 to 4 Years
Location: Draíocht Workshop Room
Duration: 30 mins
Plots and dilemmas, heroes and villains, story and rhythm- if you love a good yarn, then join us in this voice-led storytelling adventure to experience an art form that is as old as time with your toddler!


A Full Orchestra experience produced in collaboration between Draíocht and The Mobile Music School
Concert 1: 10.50AM - 11.20AM / Max capacity 90 people total
Concert 2: 12.15PM – 12.45PM / Max capacity 90 people total
Cost: €5 per child, with a free accompanying adult
Age: 12 months to 4 Years
Location: Draíocht Main Space
Duration: 30 mins
THE PLAYGROUND ORCHESTRA is a joyous orchestral experience, that allows your toddler to hear and see a HUGE range of instruments big and small - from the huge Tuba to the tiny Piccolo - along with violins, cellos, the big double bass, drums and so, SO much more! This fun and extravagant mini-concert, with an impressive 29 piece orchestra will play a range of music in our main space-, with all the seats taken out – allowing plenty of space for you and your toddler to move about, dance and sway, or sit and listen - responding just as YOU want!


- Booking is by phone via Box Office on 01-885 2622 or in person at Box Office
- Places are limited and must be booked in advance.
- Early booking advised as events usually sell out quickly.
- Tickets are €5 per child, with a free accompanying adult.
- All Children must be accompanied by an Adult and all Adults must be accompanied by a child!
- Dress for Mess (and fun!)
- Please respect age limits on book-in workshops. This Event is designed for Toddlers aged 12 months to 4 years, but older and younger siblings are welcome to join in the ROAM FREE areas and where stated in book-In workshops.

The given schedule and content may be subject to alteration. The ROAM FREE concept allows for self-discovery together, supported by a facilitator. It will involve lots of opportunities for child-led individual creative freedom.


WED 11 MAY / 10.30AM-12.30PM

Leading on from the success of our last toddler sensory event, this year we will also have a special sensory event. This will have limited capacity. Events and workshops will be adapted to suit the needs of young children with additional needs. This event needs to be pre-booked. Please contact Sarah directly (e: [email protected] or 01 809 8029) if you have a group that you think might be interested in coming along.

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