Wellness Week 2022


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Live Music • Free Gym And Fitness • Bracken Road Park
Wellness Week 2022
  • Price: FREE
  • Start date: This Event Has Ended.
  • Event Venue: Sandyford

SBD Wellness Week 2022 runs from April 4th to 8th and this year it’s….


While it’s important to celebrate health and wellness every day, we shine a special spotlight on it during SBD Wellness Week.

The focus of Wellness Week is primarily to promote health and wellbeing, but it also serves to give the fitness/wellness sector within the district a platform to promote and generate business

For the past two years our Wellness Weeks were restricted to online activities due to the pandemic. Thankfully this year we can shift our focus to physical outdoor events with a plan to cater for everyone in the district (businesses, employees and residents)

We will be working closely with a range of businesses from the district to roll out a variety of live events each day.

Throughout the week, everyone in the district will have the opportunity take part in exercise classes, enter competitions, take on various challenges and attend workshops and live music sessions.


Event Venue
Upcoming Events Happening in Dublin

€15.00 - €41.50

Gate Theatre
Fri 2nd Dec - Sat 28th Jan

€16.00 - €18.00

Dundrum Town Centre
Tue 6th Dec - Sun 29th Jan

€8.00 - €18.00

National Gallery of Ireland
Fri 9th Dec - Mon 6th Feb


Pallas Projects/Studios
Fri 9th Dec - Sat 28th Jan

€16.00 - €18.00

Axis Art Centre and Theatre
Thu 5th Jan - Sun 29th Jan


Wed 25th Jan


Merrion Square Park
Thu 26th Jan

€23.00 - €25.00

Draíocht Blanchardstown
Thu 26th Jan - Fri 27th Jan