PROTEST - We can't afford to live

Parnell Square, Dublin 1

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Cost Of Living Coalition • People Before Profit • Eco-Socialism
PROTEST - We can't afford to live
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  • Start date: This Event Has Ended.
  • Event Venue: Dublin
We need to fight back!

The government will launch Budget 2023 at the end of September.

In the context of the soaring costs and hardships people are facing, it will amount to crumbs.

If they were serious about protecting people they would:

• Put a maximum unit price on gas, electricity and fuel

• Impose rent controls and allow for rent reductions

• Stop profiteering. Introduce a windfall tax and re-nationalise the energy sector.

• Set up a state company to retrofit homes and cut people's heating costs

• Introduce free public transport

• Introduce a €15 per hour minimum wage

• Increase wages, pension and benefits by at least 10%

But they will do none of this unless they are forced to - by thousands of people getting out on the streets.


Join the protest called by the Cost of Living Coalition at 2.30 24th September at Parnell Square, Dublin 1.

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